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For many years, we have been dedicated to implementing SAP compliance for international customers and have repeatedly experienced the challenges of the ever increasing complexity of handling SAP compliance, getting processes aligned, increasing transparency, and automating costly manual processes.



Authorization Process Manager

Accelerate your authorization testing and make authorization operation a dependable and efficient process

Testing involving authorizations is unpredictable, time consuming and often frustrating for all parties involved in the process. With APM the testers can do an end-to-end test from start to finish without stopping. 


We have been constantly developing APM, and the feedback we have received from our many customers have been invaluable in order to build the most efficient tool for testing authorizations.

Real Life APM SU53 Testing

Learn how esay a tester can overcome an authorization error finalizing an end-to-end test without interruption. A time reduction and quality improvement lowering resource spend and projekt risk.

Internal Control


Internal Control

Designed to make the process of internal control focused, documented, responsive and effective.

Internal Control is an SAP-integrated framework supporting the documentation and execution of your company’s controls. Controls related to your SAP processes as well as controls relevant to other applications or even non-IT controls could be included in the scope.


As our newest tool in the CN Suite, we are continuously developing Internal Control. Read about the most common and relevant questions regarding Internal Control 

Product Process Overview

Learn how the Control Executer processes the control and forwards to Approver and Compliance Manager.  See the Dashboard and how Enterprise Risk Management and Risk Map is updated



Usage Monitor

Make informed SAP role management decisions

Typically, as many as one in four SAP roles are not in use. This clogs the system and adds to license costs. That’s where Usage Monitor comes in. A part of the Compliance Suite for SAP systems, Usage Monitor, is a SAP-certified solution that helps with transparency in role and access management by providing total visibility into roles and access and a continuous tracking of role changes and adjustments.

UM Factsheet

Organizations often don‘t know the whereabouts of SAP users in the productive environment. We are seeing reports that describe growing concerns and interest in a simple data problem.

Predefined License Categories

Your organization needs to review access for hundreds of users. Which T-codes do they really need access to? Normally interviews would take weeks to determine — not with Usage Monitor.

Access Control Product Icon


Access Control

Delivering the balance between essential risk management functionality and staying as simplified as possible.

Designed to cover the risk management process in SAP, focusing on simplicity and deep integration into the business processes. Daily operation and user experience have been guidelines in the design thinking of how AC supporting a fast implementa-tion, strong user adoption, and a low total cost of ownership.


We have collected the most common and relevant questions regarding Access Control and crafted this FAQ for you to learn about the more technical functions of AC.

Risk approval in Fiori Launchpad

This video demonstrates how easy it is to approve a risk in Access Control using Fiori Launchpad. From logging into Fiori Launchpad to activating the Approval Tile. To choosing the specific risk and concluding by approving the risk.

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ComplianceNow is providing high-end SAP compliance solutions to improve the productivity, efficiency, and transparency of compliance processes in companies and organizations running SAP. 

If there is anything you would like to know about our services or our company, we would be happy to answer your questions. 

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