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How we care

We have come a long way in our journey, and we started to reflect and list all the things we do and what we plan to do in the future. We have improved on many things, such as quality assurance processes, new initiatives, and created new support features and...

ComplianceNow – VNSG security event 16th of June

ComplianceNow is very excited to be represented by Nico J.W. Kuijper from D&IM Services at the VNSG Security Event in Utrecht on the 16th of June. Besides being a dedicated and knowledgeable person, Nico is also a really nice person to be around. We asked Nico what he believed was the most...

Get Connected 2022

Last weekend The ComplianceNow team had the pleasure of going on a trip to Frankfurt in order to participate in the ‘Get Connected’ event with 500 other amazing colleagues from all around the world. The event took place in the beautiful and idyllic surroundings of Lufthansa Seeheim. The purpose of...

Meet Tom from ComplianceNow

Tom joined the ComplianceNow team in 2020. Prior to his association with ComplianceNow, Tom worked with 7 different organizations and brings over 20 years of consulting experience in SAP Security. Tom wittily admits that he has a degree in both engineering and plumbing. However, after his first experience as...

Vi er danske! (og lidt tyske)

[English Below] Vidste du at ComplianceNow faktisk er en dansk virksomhed? Vi er startet tilbage i 2008 og har dermed arbejdet med risk og compliance i SAP i 14 år. Denne ekspertise har resulteret i en suite med seks dedikerede værktøjer til risk management og compliance operations.

ComplianceNow is growing

Welcome to ComplianceNow Sangita, Jeppe, and Magdalena. You are already an important part of our team and we cannot wait to benefit from your competencies in 2022.

Access Control: New simulation module

While we are very confident in Access control’s ability to serve all your segregation of duties needs, we believe that there is always room for improvement. We have therefore identified an area where we can save time for the organizations that use access control, and thereby reduce costs. 

New release: ComplianceNow 5.2.7 is live

Among the major changes is a simulation module in Access Control and extended utilization of Java on the backend. The main objective behind this update has been to optimize current tools, make the suite faster and improve stability even further.

ComplianceNow following SAP certification program

We are happy to announce that ComplianceNow has entered the SAP certification program for cloud extended. Entering the SAP program allows ComplianceNow to always stay up to date with major SAP updates and in extension makes sure that our customers always have the best experience with ComplianceNow products.

Thank you for helping us plant 500 trees

We are very proud that 500 professionals have taken time out of their busy schedules last year in order to listen to us talk about SAP Compliance and Process Optimization. We are even more proud that many of you have chosen to get in touch with us afterwards in order...

Meet Daniel from ComplianceNow

Daniel started his career as a programmer at Accenture. It didn’t take long though before he ended up in the SAP compliance world. Throughout his career, he has been held in high esteem for his multi-faceted competencies and experiences stemming from both the SAP compliance and programming worlds. Daniel’s...

ComplianceNow and the Log4j vulnerability

In the last couple of days companies have become aware of the log4j vulnerability and started investigating any potential risks in their own system landscape. ComplianceNow has performed a thorough analysis of our products and found that the log4j has been used in certain versions of our software. We...

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