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Alina joined the ComplianceNow team in 2020. Responsible for ComplianceNow in Germany, she has been instrumental in the growth of the German market. She is a pragmatic sales and marketing expert with more than 12 years of expertise, utilizing software applications for all facets of compliance, auditing, and reporting since 2007. She works with clients and other interested parties to identify the best way to address companies’ present difficulties in the areas of SAP compliance, SAP license management, and SAP user management.

“I’m the Queen of Chaos” – chuckles Alina. Admitting that she might be a borderline workaholic, she says it’s fun for her. “The basis for success is that you have fun in what you’re doing”. She recalls of being chaotic when she was younger and improving as she worked many jobs and restructured over a lot of failure. “If there’s something that I am good at, its improvisation. I don’t like getting stuck.” She believes in being resourceful with the means available and keep moving towards the objective. And only a few months ago, Alina welcomed her second child. So as a wife and a mother of two, we can surely claim that she is not new to chaos, and despite having many different professional and personal responsibilities pulling on her, Alina is always managing amazingly well, staying atop of everything.

While fulfilling all these roles, she also credits ComplianceNow’s horizontal work structure, expedient culture, and its pragmatic approach. When asked about leadership, she asserted that it would pretty much what we practice here at ComplianceNow. “Coming as a new member, it was better than what I imagined. Being able to express an opinion,being treated with respect and not having to worship anyone or their opinion, despite their hierarchy, being wrong and admitting without any prejudice and without judgement, availability, and willingness to help, I think it’s the best.”

Freedom, Diversity, and Responsibility – while these were the three words she would use to describe the company, she also appreciates that ComplianceNow does not advertise it or use it as its selling point but is simply there.

Eat, Sleep, Ride, Repeat.

Alina absolutely loves French fries. While her main hobbies are horse riding, running, and boxing, she also loves playing music and remembers taking piano lessons at a young age and is currently trying to learn how to play the guitar. Whenever she is not working, you will mostly find her in the stables taking care of her horses and her daughter’s ponies.

Fun fact: She has (more than once) attended meetings and client calls whilst riding on her horse.

Author: ComplianceNow

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