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Tom joined the ComplianceNow team in 2020. Prior to his association with ComplianceNow, Tom worked with 7 different organizations and brings over 20 years of consulting experience in SAP Security. Tom wittily admits that he has a degree in both engineering and plumbing. However, after his first experience as a consultant at Novo Nordisk, he professed to have grown more enthusiastic about fixing SAP Security Risks than the leaks in the industrial pipes.

Be the best

A perfect quote if someone had to write a book about Tom. Tom does not just talk the talk but also walks the walk. As an SAP Senior Application Consultant & Product Manager for the ComplianceNow products, Tom is a pragmatic consultant who takes responsibility for delivering professional SAP solutions based on his in-depth knowledge of company requirements and the flexibility of SAP standard functionality. With demonstrated strong leadership, consulting, and communication skills in project delivery, Tom is known to always approach his job and tasks in a very constructive and structured manner. He is best known for his ability to deal with complexities without losing focus on customer expectations and deadlines.

Tom has also been one of the prominent figures and keynote speakers in the product demos and webinars hosted by ComplianceNow. Therefore, many of you might already be familiar with him.

Compliance has grown rapidly over the last couple of years and starting to become a ‘household’ name associated with SAP Compliance. I can see that a lot of people are contacting us by themselves and attending our webinars and demos. Compared to just a few years back, I think we have reached a whole different level of maturity. Now it’s like, Let’s not just deliver the products but make sure that ComplianceNow installation will be a success for the customer. So now we are more customer-focused and we assist the customers much more than we used to. Whether it is with the more technical implementation tasks or more organizational tasks such as helping them implementing a Segregation of Duties process in their business operations.

For recreation

Besides being an SAP geek, Tom is an adamant bike rider and a spinning instructor at a fitness club in the suburbs of Copenhagen. Occasionally, Tom also likes to fly down to his house in Italy, his favorite travel spot, where he enjoys biking around the beautiful, hilly Mediterranean landscape. 

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