Introducing our new APM Factsheet



Introducing our new APM Factsheet

Authorization Process Manager is the first SAP-tool we ever developed, and with 13 years on the market supporting over 150 international customers, it is fair to say that this is a tool we are very proud of. We have recently revamped and updated our Authorization Process Manager Factsheet, and wanted to quickly refresh your knowledge about it.

Accelerate your authorizations testing and make authorization operations a dependable and efficient process.

Testing involving authorizations is unpredictable, time consuming and often frustrating for all parties involved in the process. Therefore, Authorization Process Manager (APM) can be seen as a life saver, mitigating the risk of your project not only being postponed due to execution of authorization testing but also more expensive than originally estimated.

Over time APM has supported hundreds of international companies running SAP, skilfully navigating the difficult road of testing authorizations. Companies supported by APM may be everything from small to mid-sized companies in all industries dedicated to eliminating the pitfalls in authorization testing to true global companies with highly complex structures and tens of thousands of SAP users.

Did you know that?

APM support your entire process of testing.

Preparation, execution, monitoring and reporting. Authorization Process Manager are with you on the whole journey. APM can be utilized for larger testing projects such as S/4HANA migration as well as smaller testing related to operations and global organizations needing a central authorization hub or workplace to centralize the support of authorizations across the organization. APM supports your preparation for the forthcoming test, as well as it allows you to perform the functional testing without worrying about postponement due to authorization errors. From the APM Cockpit the authorization team can monitor the test being executed, and likewise deliver a sub-set of reports in real-time.

Fiori Authorization Error Reporting App

APM supports your S/4HAHA migration testing with up to 75 % reduction of the effort, as well as S/4HANA and Fiori authorization error reporting.

APM support the needs of unit tests, integration tests and user acceptance tests. APM is designed to be flexible enough to assist the different types of testing, with build-in functionalities that can be switched on/off in order to optimally be able to support the needs of the authorization test you plan to run.

APM provides you a fast ROI – sometimes as low as 2-3 months.

Due to the efficiency and flexibility of the tool, you can expect a return on investment in a short amount of time through significantly reducing the resources required and achieving much higher quality. In authorization projects, the ROI can be as low as 2-3 months. The efficiency of APM can benefit different phases of testing such as the Design Phase, Role Development, Test Phase and Go-live.

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We always look forward presenting Authorization Process Manager to present customers, possible new customers, partners and network. So, if you want to learn more, have questions or would like to see a live demo of CN Authorization Process Manager please contact us.

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