­­­­ComplianceNow suite 5.2.10 is now live!

ComplianceNow suite 5.2.10 is now live


We are happy to announce that the ComplianceNow suite 5.2.10 is live! You can upgrade to the new version by clicking the button below and contacting the ComplianceNow support.

The new version focuses on various improvements, and you can find detailed release notes at the end of this blog post.

We have made various minor improvements and bug fixes to CN Internal Control, CN Privileged Access Management, and CN Authorization Process Manager.

The major focus and areas of improvement in the 5.2.10 version of the ComplianceNow Suite lie in a major platform update and a conversion of the reporting engine to Java from PHP.

Suite platform update from PHP 7.3 to PHP 8.2

The suite platform has been updated from PHP 7.3 to PHP 8.2. This is especially important since PHP 7.3 is no longer maintained. Therefore, the platform has been updated to mitigate future issues and ensure continuous stability.

ComplianceNow suite 5.2.10 is now live

Improvement – conversion to Java

By converting the reporting engine to Java, the speed reports and analysis have been majorly improved. This especially has an impact on CN Access Control and CN Usage Monitor. You can now generate much larger .CSV reports in both CN Access Control and CN Usage monitor – up to 80 GB. In relation to that, CN Usage Monitor can now exceed the earlier report limit of 1.000.000 million rows. Furthermore, the conversion to Java also results in reports being generated much faster, as well as optimized analysis. Optimized analysis here covers all types of analysis, including preventive checks in CN Access Control.

You can read the full release notes here:

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