Introducing a greener ComplianceNow

Greener ComplianceNow


Our ambition is to think sustainability into the ComplianceNow operation and innovation.

From 2020 we will reduce or even phase out our use of plastic bottles in our office in Copenhagen. The water in Denmark is simply to good not to drink from the tap. The choice of the expensive and environmental impacting coffee capsule machine is being replaced by one that does not produce waste and where we have a choice of where and how the coffee was produced. The lunch vendor is carefully selected choosing one with less food waste and we are in general making sure not to order more food than consumable.

We are encouraging our employees to consider when travelling and commuting makes sense. Our offices are always open but working from home is an integrated part of our work environment supporting time saving, less mileage and give business and personal flexibility. We have developed a business model supporting delivery of ComplianceNow to customers without needing to count in cost, time and the environmental impact for travelling. We can deliver, support and train our customers to do ComplianceNow installations through ordinary web-meetings, calls and email support. This initiative is not new but part of our general philosophy that ComplianceNow must be easy to install, easy to operate and able to support remotely.

All greener ComplianceNow

A Greener ComplianceNow

Sometimes a small change can help you see a larger potential. As an outcome of thinking sustainable in our operation, we are now actually extending one of our components to help companies in driving and controlling their own ambitions for being a more sustainable operation. Our component CN Internal Control supporting mitigating of companies enterprise risks through digitalization of the internal control process are being extended to enable mitigation of sustainability objectives. This means that if you as a company as an example set the goal of having gender equality concerning 50/50 promotion or if you want to reduce food waste in the canteen then you would be able to set the objectives in CN Internal Control and follow up on (mitigate) if you are actually delivering according to the plan.

Finally, as part of our sustainability commitment, we will plant a tree for every participant in our weekly international and German ComplianceNow webinars.

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