How we care

How we care


One of ComplianceNow’s key values is always to deliver best-in-class customer support and customer care. We have come a long way in our journey, and we started to reflect and list all the things we do and what we plan to do in the future. We have improved on many things, such as quality assurance processes, new initiatives, and created new support features and documents. Furthermore, we are planning to create customer product forums, wherein our customers will be able to register and directly influence the road map for our products Access Control and Authorization Process Manager. We believe this will help us deliver the products that our customers want – and need. Read more on this below.

We believe that all our additions to customer support help our customers utilize the products to their full potential and ultimately ensure that ComplianceNow products are the right choice for their core functionality and the valuable day-to-day support that comes with them.

Hereunder, you can read a small summary of our current and planned customer support & customer care initiatives.

Server logs:

ComplianceNow has just introduced a small new support feature in our tools; server report. Server log is a button that retrieves a log of all activities on the server, which is needed to enable our support to figure out where the error is and resolve the issue. This is always the first step, but instead of our support guiding the customer to find the log, or doing it through remote control, this new feature can improve and speed up the support process and resolve issues faster. Furthermore, the button is potentially accessible to all users, and therefore the ability to retrieve the log is not limited to the individuals with direct server access, but rather individuals in the organization can be authorized to have access to this feature directly in SAP. This feature reduces the time investment of the client in support scenarios.

Improved quality assurance:

We have worked hard to improve our quality assurance. We have hired a dedicated QA responsible and started rethinking our quality assurance process. The ComplianceNow tool user guides have been improved, and pre-release testing phase has become longer and more rigorous to ensure that the tools work as frictionless as possible when they are released.


Small user guides:

In that same vein, ComplianceNow has created small user guides that focus on central important functionality in certain tools. These guides are designed to get the full functionality of the tools dispersed inside the organization.

Better information level:

We strive to create better information channels for our customers; therefore, we release newsletters 4 times a year. This gives our customers a better chance of being up to date with upcoming events, releases, and general company news that are relevant.

Best in class customer support:

At the heart of our customer support is, of course, our ability to provide technical support. Therefore, we have a centralized support model, where our customers always speak directly with an expert directly from our Danish or German division. This means that when our customers have issues, the ones helping them resolve them are professionals who work with the tool daily, such as product managers or developers.

Customer delta training:

ComplianceNow will soon begin delta training in two tools: Authorization Process Manager and Access Control. This training will be a deep dive into the tool and help customers, and prospective customers better understand the functionality and possibilities that the tool has. The training will be for people that already have some pre-understanding of the tool, meaning that they at least should have attended a webinar on the product.

Customer delta training

Customer product management forum:

ComplianceNow will soon launch a bi-yearly customer product management forum. One forum will be a risk management forum, and the other will be a compliance operations forum. The idea is to allow customers to have an influence on the road map of the products as well as request functionality. We believe that this is an excellent way for us to connect with our customer’s needs and for our customers to get the products that they want. If you are interested in this, you can sign up through our info email by clicking the button below. However, we will have limited seats in the forums.

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