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Daniel started his career as a programmer at Accenture. It didn’t take long though before he ended up in the SAP compliance world. Throughout his career, he has been held in high esteem for his multi-faceted competencies and experiences stemming from both the SAP compliance and programming worlds.

Daniel’s enthusiasm for compliance originates from his inherent appreciation of rules and precisely defined boundaries. Furthermore, he appreciates the evolvement the compliance industry has been through in recent years – with an increased focus on risk management in companies and the implementation of political regulations that drives compliance and creates exciting new challenges for the industry.

With a multi-dimensional role comes great responsibility.

Daniel has been working in ComplianceNow for 10 years. His everyday role and tasks have been far from one-dimensional. Apart from being involved in product management, he has also applied his skills to support and advise our customers with their technical challenges and questions. If you are a customer of ComplianceNow, then you most certainly already have had the pleasure of getting to know Daniel.

Currently, Daniel functions as the Head of Operations with responsibilities ranging from the internal infrastructure of servers and SAP systems to product management. This multi-dimensional role is tailored to Daniel – as he expresses it:

“I don’t feel like just a small cog in the machine. I really have an influence over the final product, and this, in turn, means I can make a difference for the customers.”

Musicals, long bicycle trips and sunshine is the recipe.

Life is not all about work. Daniel has a long-lasting passion for theater and musicals as well as he enjoys long bicycle trips in his spare time. He has biked all the way from Copenhagen to both North Cape and Gibraltar. After experiencing the climate in the North Cape, he admits that he prefers biking in the more friendly climate Southern Europe has to offer.

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Meet the CN team

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