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Meet a CN team member


Victor joined the ComplianceNow team in 2021 and is now a crucial part of our marketing team. Through Victor´s many years of experience in the retail industry, he has been a fresh breath of air on a team compiled of professionals from the software industry. A proficient golf player, Victor is currently focused on golf swing marketing tactics for ComplianceNow and has also been redesigning and updating our website and creating, planning, and implementing our digital marketing presence and strategies. He is also the visual mastermind behind our content creation for our social media channels and many events.

His biggest talent, according to himself, is working collaboratively with co-workers, fostering an environment where nobody feels excluded from the project’s general work process, and incorporating everyone in conversation and making them feel equal, involved, and heard.

‘’Success is when you and your team pull everything together to accomplish a project and deliver a great product or solutions,’’

CN in three words: Flexible, Cheerful and Agile

Victor strongly believes that CN is quite different from other companies when it comes to work culture. At ComplianceNow, there is no traditional separation between departments, and the high degree of flexibility is quite unique to what he has experienced.

“We are always cheering for each other to do our best. We thrive in making the corporate environment compliance safer for everyone. Rather complex at times but in some ways more straightforward and manageable. It’s nice to be a part of an amazing journey of organization’s steady growth and success. Being a part of a triumphant journey is always gratifying.”

A lover, not a fighter

Victor, popularly known as ‘Viggo’ among friends (not short for Vigorous), is a vigorously committed gamer when it comes to Dungeons and Dragons, which he admits having been playing for the last six years.

But Viggo isn’t just limited to living in the virtual world, he is also a traveler and considers Thailand as his favorite destination, which in his words, is ‘truly a heaven on earth.’ Victor goes gaga over Thai curries and over his girlfriend, who he acknowledges as someone who he can’t live without. He values relationships, and on the weekends, he prefers spending time with his close circle of friends playing board games, and cooking meals.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: Victor hates scary movies and jump scares. So don’t get any ideas.

Author: ComplianceNow

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