New release: ComplianceNow 5.2.8 is live

ComplianceNow 5.2.8


The CN 5.2.8 release brings identity management integration to Access Control, Fiori tracking to Usage Monitor, audit enablement to Emergency User Access, and server log access to all products. If you wish to upgrade to CN 5.2.8, please contact our support at:

In July, ComplianceNow released the 5.2.8 update, and we wanted to shortly walk you through the major changes. The update brought new important changes to Access Control, Usage Monitor, and Emergency User Access.

Access Control: Identity Management Service

Access Control now has the possibility for an external IdM (Identity Management) tool to send a request to Access Control, to review if roles and role combinations contain a risk. Identity management tools are often central in role assignment processes in an organization. The problem in relation to risks is that IdM tools often do not perform a risk analysis on a detailed enough level. This means that when the roles were created, the organization had decided that role A and role B in combination present a risk. And likewise, Role B and Role C do not present a risk. However, the underlying objects and values in the roles can be changed through time and the old evaluations of which role combinations present a risk, and which do not, can very well become obsolete. Access Control analyzes risks on a deeper level. By looking directly at transaction codes, services, authorization objects, fields & values Access Control always knows what presents a risk and what does not. By allowing these two tools to integrate, Access control can work as a risk analysis engine for IdM and provide the user administrator, risk owner & role approver the possibility of making informed decisions with no threat of creating risks in the organization.

Usage Monitor: Fiori Tracker

Usage Monitor is designed to collect data about system usage along with the entire authorization concept, enabling instant reporting and transparency. The usage analysis engine gives you instant compliance decision support on your user and SAP role concept, license management, false positive analysis, and much more.
With the shift to S4/HANA and Fiori, we needed to expand the scope of Usage Monitor to also track Fiori. By enabling Usage Monitor’s core functionality to also work with Fiori, Usage Monitor is completely ready to collect and report usage data on all layers of your SAP system; that being ECC or S4/HANA.

Emergency User Access: Audit Enabled

Emergency User Access is now audit enabled. In practice, this means that after an emergency user session, the relevant person can review, comment, accept or change status on the individual sessions. This enablement helps the relevant reviewer to track their progress in reviewing, as well as question the emergency user’s actions through comments, resolve the comments and add documentation that explains the questioned actions. This new enablement offers more value to the organization, as emergency user access can help day-to-day auditing be simpler, faster, and well-documented.

CN suite: Server Logs

All products got a new functionality called “server logs” that retrieves various logs of events that are always used as a first step in support scenarios. This new feature reduces the support time investment for the client and helps resolve the issue faster.

Read more on this new feature here.

Upcoming Release Focus: 5.2.9

The upcoming release 5.2.9 will focus on new functionality in APM (Authorization Process Manager). The update will introduce Fiori test project features and allow you to easier manage and create Fiori testing projects. In the new update, you will be able to create test projects that indicate which Fiori’s you want to test and communicate this to the testing team. The testers will be shown a full list of tasks that need to be tested and a status indicator for each of the tasks. The test manager will then be able to produce reports that enable the test manager to display the progress of Fiori testing, to create an overview and understanding of the project progress.

The new test project functionality in APM allows you to plan, manage and construct Fiori test projects more easily, which in our opinion, is particularly important with the global S4/HANA transformation projects. You will be able to read more extensive details on this subject in the future, as well as full changes for the 5.2.9 update.

The update is planned for release in December 2022.

ComplianceNow strives to always innovate our suite of products, to meet the new emerging challenges in the market, and solve them efficiently. We will regularly publish information on current and future updates so that you are always up to date and informed about new functionality and innovative features. If you have any questions or wish to upgrade to 5.2.8, contact our support staff at: 

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