PHP7+ – Why you should upgrade too


Why you should upgrade too

The PHP Group stopped offering support on PHP5.6 on the 31st of December 2018. Since 2019, ComplianceNow has offered support to our clients using PHP5.x as a complimentary service. ComplianceNow’s support of PHP5.x will come to an end in 2020.

The upgrade to PHP7+ is a smooth transition. The performance enhancements provided by the upgrade itself is officially about 40% reduction in execution time and about 25% less memory usage. But for the performance of the ComplianceNow Suite there are more factors to the differences between PHP7+ and PHP5.x. One such difference is PHP is no longer inhibited by a 2GB memory limit. This has opened up for more efficient ways of programming, resulting in large scale performance enhancements on many of the ComplianceNow Suite’s components.

After the upgrade there will be noticeable improvement in performance resulting in a faster and smoother experience, regardless of which ComplianceNow products you are using. The most notable performance improvement is the compliance-engine in Access Control – the heart of all analysis in Access Control.

PHP7+ upgrade

Access Control’s preventive checks are on average executed in less than 1/5 of the time it took with PHP5.x. The risk-compliance-engine is also used in all reporting in Access Control. The role reports are created about 3 times faster (75% reduction in execution time), while user reports are 5-6 times faster. The nightly run dashboard analysis overall is about 5 times faster and include two new reports, a full role analysis report and a user-risk-matrix. Both are available for download on the dashboard page and are customizable in Settings -> Nightly Job.

The actual numbers for performance improvements on your system will depend on how the user- and role concepts are configured on your system. But the result will undoubtedly be more data in less time, providing you the overview you need.

You can check what PHP version you are running in SM59 -> HTTP Connections to External Server -> APM_WEB -> Connection Test -> Response Body.

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