Who is Nagarro?

Who is Nagarro


If you follow us on LinkedIn or any of our other platforms where we are active, you might have already noticed it: ComplianceNow has gone green! You might also have noticed we often mention that ComplianceNow is a part of Nagarro. In fact, our rebranding to green and our affiliation with Nagarro is actually related.

We realize that we often mention Nagarro without much explanation, so we thought it was about time that we answered the question: Who is Nagarro? (In case you do not already know)

Nagarro is a publicly listed full-service IT-provider. While the company is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Nagarro is a truly global company without a singular nationality. It is actually one of our core values to be present anywhere and can work from anywhere. Nagarro is about skills and not about where you live. Nagarro excels at digital product engineering to solve complex business challenges through agility and innovation – or, as we like to call it: thinking breakthroughs.

ComplianceNow is proud to be a brand of Nagarro with a great home in the ever growing and globally present SAP business unit. Nagarro has delivered on some exciting projects that span across industries and platforms. You can read about some of the success breakthroughs engineered by Nagarro here:
Success Stories | Thinking Breakthroughs | Nagarro

We are proud to be part of Nagarro and its innovative culture and groundbreaking way of rethinking IT. This is also why ComplianceNow has chosen to “go green.” We have transformed our design and brand identity to align closer with Nagarro. This is also an initiative that is in line with Nagarro’s wish to break down barriers between units in the organization, to communicate both internally and externally that while we work with different things in different business units and practices, and solve various challenges for different customers, we are at the end of the day one company.

We in ComplianceNow wholeheartedly support the idea that we should break down barriers and foster cooperation across the organization, wherever possible and beneficial. This enables us to provide optimal solutions to our clients, no matter the challenge. This is why ComplianceNow has gone green – to be a part of thinking breakthroughs.

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