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Audience at the Auditor – Investigating the Basics of Internal Controls

We have asked Jesper Parsberg, Partner PwC Risk Assurance, to share some of his more than 25 years' experience supporting companies getting in compliance. In the process of developing ComplianceNow’ new component CN Internal Control, we have among other sources reached out to Jesper's team to check and refine...

PHP7+ – Why you should upgrade too

The PHP Group stopped offering support on PHP5.6 on the 31st of December 2018. Since 2019, ComplianceNow has offered support to our clients using PHP5.x as a complimentary service. ComplianceNow’s support of PHP5.x will come to an end in 2020. The upgrade to PHP7+ is a smooth transition. The performance...

Press Release: Partnership between APTI Solutions and ComplianceNow

APTI Solutions and ComplianceNow are announcing a partnership for South Africa At 77% South Africa’s rate of reported economic crime remains significantly higher than the global average rate of 49%. Surprisingly 41% of perpetrators are from within the company. Given the statistics the threat of economic crime is a very...

Press Release: Partnership between Infinite Solutions S.A. and ComplianceNow

Infinite Solutions and ComplianceNow is announcing an exclusive partnership for Belgium and Luxemburg. “The aim of this exclusive partnership is to help companies running SAP to become compliant in an easy and affordable way. Through this strategic partnership, we want to build a strong relationship with our customers to help...

Introducing a greener ComplianceNow

From 2020 we will reduce or even phase out our use of plastic bottles in our office in Copenhagen. The water in Denmark is simply to good not to drink from the tap. The choice of the expensive and environmental impacting coffee capsule machine is being replaced by one...

Top 10 Q/A: Access Control

Our Access Control tool has been around since 2014 and has served numerous international customers. Throughout the years we have been constantly developing it, and the feedback we have received from our many customers has been invaluable in order to build the most efficient and helping our customers to...

If it can happen in Denmark, it can happen anywhere.

During the past years we have witnessed several financial scandals raising a massive media attention. Financial scandals that we from time to time read about in newspapers from abroad, but never imagine could happen in our small country of Denmark. However, those scandals are now also a part of...

Top 10 Q/A: Authorization Process Manager

Our Authorization Process Manager tool has now been around for more than 13 years and served hundreds of international customers. We have collected 10 of the most common and relevant questions regarding Authorization Process Manager and crafted this blog post for you to learn about the more technical functions...

Introducing our new APM Factsheet

Authorization Process Manager is the first SAP-tool we ever developed, and with 13 years on the market supporting over 150 international customers, it is fair to say that this is a tool we are very proud of. We have recently revamped and updated our Authorization Process Manager Factsheet.

Why implement an Internal Control system?

Many companies and organizations are experiencing increasing digitalization and complexity of their processes. Internal and external regulations are growing continuously, requiring companies to constantly be up to date with their internal control processes.

Why we are sponsoring a Heart Starter for the second consecutive year

In Denmark there are too few heart starters, and especially people living outside of the bigger cities are at risk. Fortunately for our communities, there are organizations and initiatives such as Hjerteklub Danmark, who believes that every person deserves the right to have access to a heart starter.

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